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Caroline Seagle | Engaging Resources
New Anthropological Perspectives on Natural Resource Environments

Caroline Seagle

PhD Candidate, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology
Vrije University

Caroline Seagle is a PhD Candidate at the department of social and cultural anthropology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She completed her MA (cum laude) in anthropology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and her BA at McGill University in Montréal. Her Masters research examined land access issues surrounding the Rio Tinto/QMM ilmenite mine in Southeast Madagascar.

Her current research draws upon theories of political ecology and neoliberal conservation to analyze the emerging mining-conservation nexus in Madagascar, corporate engagements in “sustainability” narratives and the implications of large-scale mineral extraction and biodiversity conservation/offsetting schemes for local Malagasy land users. She is a recipient of the LDPI (Land Deal Politics Initiative) small grants competition and the Johannes van der Zouwen Masters Thesis Prize. Her research is funded by a NWO (Dutch Scientific Organization)/WOTRO (Science for Global Development) Integrated Program which focuses on the politics of foreign large-scale land acquisitions (“land grabbing”) in Africa.

Selected Publications

Accepted - Forthcoming
Evers, Sandra and Seagle, Caroline. Stealing the Sacred: Why “Global Heritage” Discourse is Perceived as a Frontal Attack on Local Heritage-Making in Madagascar. Madagascar Conservation & Development (MCD) Special Issue, “Environmental Justice in Madagascar: Understanding Processes and Social Impacts of Conservation and of Natural Resource Extraction.”
Forthcoming - Under Review
Seagle, Caroline. “Discourse, Development and Legitimacy: Re-considering the Environmental and Socioeconomic Risks of the Rio Tinto/QIT Mining Project in Fort Dauphin, Southeast Madagascar” in Campbell, Evers and Lambek (eds.), The Politics of Marketing Land: Value, Conservation and Development in Madagascar. Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers
Seagle, Caroline. Contesting and Legitimizing Land Claims in Southeast Madagascar: A Multinational Mining Company, Conservationists, State Officials and ‘Local’ Communities. LDPI (Land Deal Politics Initiative) Working Paper Series (PLAAS/Future Agricultures Consortium).
2010Seagle, Caroline. Deforestation and Impoverishment in Rural Madagascar: Links Between State Governance, Land Degradation, and Food Insecurity Over Time. TALOHA (Revue scientifique internationale des civilisations), No.19, “Madagascar contemporain et les objectifs du millénaire pour le développement.”
2009Seagle, Caroline. Biodiversity for Whom? Local Experiences and Global Strategies of Land Use and Access near the Rio Tinto/QMM Ilmenite Mine in Fort Dauphin, Southeast Madagascar. MSc. Dissertation, VU University Amsterdam.