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Emma Gilberthorpe | Engaging Resources
New Anthropological Perspectives on Natural Resource Environments

Emma Gilberthorpe

Lecturer in International Development
Department of International Development
University of East Anglia

My research is concerned with the impact of extractive industries on indigenous livelihoods. I am particularly interested in the relationship between resource extraction and negative development factors, such as poverty, gender inequality and conflict and in the implications of the cultural incompatibilities that exist between large-scale corporations (and their discourses of CSR and sustainable development) and small-scale societies. My primary research area is Papua New Guinea where I have worked with communities hosting mining and oil/gas extraction projects since 2000 and, more recently, rural Guinea, West Africa where I am examining the impact of mining on Kissi communities.

Selected Publications

ForthcomingGilberthorpe, E. The Anthropology of Resource Development: Ethnographic Explorations of Rural Resource Extraction. Oxford: Berghahn: Studies in Public and Applied Anthropology Series.
ForthcomingGilberthorpe, E. & G. Hilson (eds) Natural Resource Extraction and Indigenous Livelihoods: Development Challenges in an Era of Globalisation. London: Ashgate.
Under RevisionGilberthorpe, E. To Divide and Rule: Fasu Culturisation Before, During and After Oil. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute.
In Press
Gilberthorpe, E. Displacing Culture: Intervention and Social Change in Papua New Guineas Extractive Industries. In R.H. Layton (ed.) The Anthropology of Displaced Communities. Oxford: Berghahn.
In Press
Gilberthorpe, E. & G. Banks 2012 Development on Whose Terms?: CSR Discourse and Social Realities in Papua New Guinea's Extractive Industries Sector. Resources Policy.
2009Gilberthorpe, E. and P. Sillitoe. The Construction of Social Capital in the Current Economic Crisis: Lessons from Papua New Guinea. Anthropology News 50(7): 4-5
2009Gilberthorpe, E. Development and Industry: A Papua New Guinea Case Study. Canterbury: CSAC.
2009Gilberthorpe, E. Pathways to developmen: Identity, Landscape and Industry in Papua New Guinea. In S. Heckler (ed.) Landscape, Power and Process: Re-Evaluating Traditional Environmental Knowledge. New York: Berghahn: 202-231.
2009Gilberthorpe, E. From the Horse's Mouth: Perceptions of Development from Papua New Guinea. Ethnographic Documentary. 40 minutes. Canterbury: CSAC.
2007Gilberthorpe, E. Fasu Solidarity: A Case Study of Kin Networks, Land Tenure and Oil Extraction in Kutubu, Papua New Guinea. American Anthropologist 109 (1): 109-119.