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Jaime Yard | Engaging Resources
New Anthropological Perspectives on Natural Resource Environments

Jaime Yard

PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology
York University

Jaime Yard is a PhD Candidate in Anthropology at York University in Toronto.  Her research examines how people come to form understandings of, and relationships with nature through work.  She is particularly interested in the ways in which the life histories of fish and fish populations, the contingencies of weather, topography and currents, and, the physical form of the land are active elements in the formation of labour and settlement patterns in coastal British Columbia.  Her research maps environmental understandings and practices formed in tense complicity with regimes of natural resource management and accumulation by dispossession. It tracks the various ways, historically, and in the present, that white-immigrants and their descendants attempt to simultaneously make a living and make a home of an occupied place: the imperialist nostalgia and (neo)liberal white guilt endemic to that process. Her doctoral field site is an aging community where retired loggers, semi-retired fishermen, and retired exurban migrants are actively renegotiating the meanings of local places and natures as the local economy shifts from a base in logging and fishing to one in recreational and retirement real estate development and related services.


political ecology; resource extraction economies, technologies and labour; economic anthropology (esp. niche market commodities and rural development); narrative and landscape; recreation and retirement real estate development; aquaculture


Papers in Refereed Journals:

Under ReviewYard, Jaime. “Taking Tea with Granddaddy Tough: Accessing the Affective Topography of Logger Poetry.” Emotion, Space and Society Special Issue: Ecology and Emotion. Mick Smith ed.
2009Yard, Jaime. "Softwood Lumber and the Golden Spruce: Two Perspectives on the Material and Discursive Construction of BC Forests." TOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies. Special Nature Matters Issue. No 21:83-101.

Book Reviews:

2011Yard, Jaime. "The Aquaculture Controversy in Canada Activism, Policy and Contested Science by Nathan Young and Ralph Matthews.” BC Studies. 169. Spring 2011 pp. 148-152. Available Online: http://www.bcstudies.com/reviews.php?id=838595
2011Yard, Jaime. “Reassembling Democracy in the Parliament of Things” Review of Political Matter: Technoscience, Democracy and Public Life, Bruce Braun and Sarah Whatmore eds. Reviews in Cultural Theory. http://www.reviewsinculture.com/?r=40
2009Yard, Jaime. “Jean Barman, British Columbia: Spirit of a People, and, Gerald Truscott, Free Spirit Stories of You, Me and BC.” BC Studies. 160:119-121, 2009.

Invited Contribution:

2010Yard, Jaime. “Conclusion: The Ordinary-Extraordinary” in Women of Pender Harbour, Their Voices, Their History. Dorothy Faulker and Elaine Park eds. 2010 Madeira Park: Archive Legacy Committee of the Pender Harbour Living Heritage Society. 3rd Prize Winner of the 2011 Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal for Historical Writing given by the British Columbia Historical Federation.


2011Presenter, American Anthropological Association, November 2011. Paper: “Closer to Nature” the "Ecology" of Pecuniary Emulation and Maintenance of a Standard of Living in Retirement Real Estate Markets” Montreal, Canada. A part of a double panel co-organized with Chris Kortright (UC Davis) on “The Conceptual Work of Ecology.”
2011Presenter, Nature™ Inc.: Questioning the Market Panacea in Environmental Policy and Conservation, June 30-July 2, 2011. Paper: “Roe as Gift-Commodity: Labour and Culture in Pacific Rim Commodity Chains.” Presented as a part of the panel series “Political Ecologies and the Market Panacea” invited and organized by Prof. Dean Bavington, Canada Research Chair in Environmental History. The Hague, the Netherlands.
2010Presenter, American Anthropological Association, Nov 17th-21st, 2010. Paper: “Between the Steam-Pots and the Skylines: Chokermen, Capital, and Plant-Human Relations.” New Orleans, LA, USA.
2010Presenter, Canadian Anthropological Society, May 31st-June 4th, 2010. Paper: “Performative Logger Poetics of the BC Coast.” Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.
2010Presenter, Society for Cultural Anthropology, May 7-8th, 2010. Paper: “Salmon Habitat Please Protect Our Heritage.” Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.
2009Discussant, Annual Lecture in Anthropology given by Anna Tsing: “Fugue for Multispecies Living.” October 19th, 2009. York University, Toronto, Canada.