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Mario Blaser | Engaging Resources
New Anthropological Perspectives on Natural Resource Environments

Mario Blaser

Canada Research Chair in Aboriginal Studies
Associate Professor
Department of Archaeology
Memorial University

I come originally from Argentina where I did my undergraduate studies in Anthropology, then moved to Canada and obtained an M.A. (Carleton University) and a Ph.D. (McMaster University). Over the past decade I have been focusing upon a particular “problem space” concerning the intersection between, on the one hand, Indigenous politics, cosmologies and epistemologies and, on the other hand, globalization processes and the extension of modernist assumptions about what constitutes knowledge, a good life, justice and a good government. Since 1991, I have been working on these issues through my involvement with the Yshiro people of Paraguay. Moving to Memorial University in 2009 has provided me with a great opportunity to further develop my research interests in Aboriginal studies and extend them to Labrador where I have started a research project with the Innu-run Tshikapisk Foundation on the ontological encounters that take place when different actors are ‘caring’ for non-humans like caribou.

Selected Publications

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