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Veronica Strang | Engaging Resources
New Anthropological Perspectives on Natural Resource Environments

Veronica Strang

Department of Anthropology
University of Auckland

Veronica Strang is currently Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Auckland. In 2012 she will take up a post as the Executive Director of Durham University’s Institute of Advanced Study. Prior to studying anthropology Veronica worked as a writer/researcher on environmental issues, and contributed to The Brundtland Report (1987). She received her DPhil (studying environmental values in northern Australia) at the University of Oxford in 1995. In 1997 she took up a post at the University of Wales in Lampeter, while conducting research on water issues in the UK. In 2000 she was awarded a Royal Anthropological Institute Fellowship for further research in northern Australia, and from 2003 and 2007 (with an ARC Discovery Grant), she carried out ethnographic research with diverse groups of water users along Queensland’s Brisbane and Mitchell Rivers. In 2007 she was named as one of UNESCO’s, Les Lumières de L’Eau [Water’s Leading Lights].

Selected Publications

In Press
Strang, V. ‘Conceptual Relations: Water, Ideologies and Theoretical Subversions’, in C. Chen, J. Macleod and A. Neimanis (eds) Thinking With Water, Montreal: McGill-Queens University Press.
In Press
Strang, V. ‘Dam Nation: Cubbie Station and the Waters of the Darling’, in J. Wagner, The Social Life of Water in a Time of Crisis, Oxford, New York: Berghahn.
2010Strang, V. and Busse, M. Ownership and Appropriation, ASA Monographs. Oxford, New York: Berg.
2009Strang, V. Gardening the World: Agency, Identity, and the Ownership of Water. Oxford, New York: Berghahn Publishers.
2008Strang, V. and Toussaint, S. (eds.) Water Ways: Competition and Communality in the Use and Management of Water. Special Issue of Oceania. Vol 78. No 1. March 2008.
2006Strang, V. ‘A Happy Coincidence? Symbiosis and Synthesis in Anthropological and Indigenous Knowledges’, in Current Anthropology. Vol 47. No 6. pp 981-1008.
2006Strang, V. and Garner, A. (eds) Fluidscapes: Water, Identity and the Senses. Special issue of Worldviews. Vol 10. No 2. Brill Academic Publishers.
2005Strang, V. ‘Common Senses: Water, Sensory Experience and the Generation of Meaning’, in Journal of Material Culture 10 (1) pp 93-121.
2004Strang, V. The Meaning of Water, Oxford, New York: Berg.
1997Strang, V. Uncommon Ground: Cultural Landscapes and Environmental Values, Oxford, New York: Berg.